40 day fast, 1 new vision

My 40-day break from social media and health coaching has recently concluded. During that time I poured a lot of prayer into specific areas: unity among the believers in the Kamiah, Idaho area, closer relationships with our kids, and seeking direction and wisdom concerning my health coaching business were a few of them.


For the first several weeks, my prayers accended but I didn’t have any specific clarity. However, on day 26 an event occurred that helped bring insight into what I believe God wanted to do within my heart concerning my business: the screen door on our RV fell off its hinges. As a result, we currently have a front door that is either entirely open or completely closed. There is no middle ground. As such, we now notice things we previously overlooked–such as how dirty the inside of our door had become behind the ever-present screen. A prompt, long overdue cleaning ensued because we could now see the situation for what it really was, instead of overlooking it out of situational ignorance.

Photo: our clean front door (minus the screen)

My time of fasting allowed a similar situation in my heart to occur. At the removal of social media and the pursuit of building my business, I’ve been forced allowed to see things that I’ve been overlooking. Here is what I’ve found: A year ago, when God invited me to use my gifts and my past to encourage women, I took that invitation and ran with it, pouring myself into health coaching and devoting 18-20+ hours a week to the goal of reaching as many women as I could. In the process, I unknowingly created an idol out of the opportunity and I believe missed His intended purpose for me. My blog post here sheds some light on the Biblical story that God used to begin helping me to discover this.

During my fast, God revealed that over time I began to make health coaching about me and what I could do with it instead of about what God wanted to do with it through me. I’ll admit that It’s difficult to recognize unpleasant realities and even harder to share them publicly.


However, the Lord has shown me that:

He wants me to be honest even when it’s hard, pursue His plan and seek Him first and then He can freely use me to help others (Psalm 37:4).

He wants me to lay down any anxious striving and sit with Him more (Matthew 11:28-30).

He wants me to remove all traces of empty pursuits and instead focus on the things that have lasting value (Ephesians 5:15, Colossians 3:1-3).

He wants me to be free to respond to the needs around me and open to His nudges of course correction.

I want to be clear that I don’t feel that there is anything inherently wrong with running hard after big goals and dreams. But, I do think it is important to make sure that God is leading that charge. In my case, I believe I got ahead of Him in the excitement of it all and it became necessary for God to pull me back in order to properly see His vision because I’ve been too focused on my goals to realize I was missing His. It was time for a course correction.


About a week before the screen door incident, I decided to listen to a podcast while I did my workout (not my typical protocol). Out among the Arizona cacti, Rachel Hollis talked in my ear, imploring me to identify the dreams and visions for my life. With sweat dripping down my back, my mind flooded with desires to speak openly to women about God’s love for them and encourage them in the area of health and fitness. As these thoughts came to mind I could identify that what I’ve been doing as a health coach has been leading me in this direction, but yet I could also sense that there was still more to this dream that has not yet been realized.

Later that same day the Lord reminded me of someone I’d come across on Instagram (Alisa Keeton with Revelation Wellness). Only God could have brought this name to mind because although I followed Alisa on IG at the suggestion of a friend, I hardly ever watched her stories or read her posts. To be honest, I’d avoided even looking into it because it was another fitness-related “something” and I didn’t want to lose focus with what I was already doing. However, as I followed the prompting to find out what Revelation Wellness was all about, I became caught up in the vision of “using fitness as a tool to spread the gospel to the ends of the Earth” and felt an immediate tug on my heart to begin praying about becoming a Revelation Wellness “fitness teacher, gospel preacher”.


Continuing to dig further, I found some interesting circumstantial connections. First, we’d been to Phoenix the day before (where I discovered that Revelation Wellness is based). Second, as I began asking God if there was something in this for me, I was reminded that our season of fulltime travel is going to be slowing down very soon. We will be stationary in Idaho for longer stretches of time which will allow more connection within our local community.

I also remembered that before we left Idaho last fall, friends who own a dojo suggested that I could use it in the future if I ever wanted to run exercise classes. At the time I brushed the idea off, but at that moment I knew that God was likely preparing a way for me to minister to our Idaho community and that He’d already been paving the way and using this past year to help make my heart open to and ready for this kind of opportunity.

Next, I looked into the fitness instructor training requirements and discovered that the 5-day required training retreat was only a few weeks away (April 28-May 3) and could neatly coincide with the timing of our route north. As I continued to pray and discuss this opportunity with Trent, I kept hearing the phrase in my mind, “This is the way, walk ye in it” (yes, God was apparently speaking in the King James Version).


I decided to take some steps forward and ask God to close the door if I was hearing Him wrong. I scheduled a call to learn more about the process of becoming a Revelation Wellness instructor and through the course of our conversation, I discovered that the final day to register for the retreat training at the end of April was just 3 days away!

With a peaceful heart and no remaining roadblocks, I registered for the retreat and we worked our route north around that stopover in northern Arizona. I’m excited to take all that I’ve learned in the last year through health coaching and build on it by learning how to lead a fitness class that incorporates encouragement of God’s word simultaneously! Honestly, these are two areas that I love: faith and fitness and to see them come together so intentionally feels like a whole new world of possibilities!


If you’ve participated in any of my health accountability groups in the past, you may be wondering: where does this leave things with my Beachbody coaching? To be honest, I’ve prayed a lot about this and I’m still a bit unsure. I do know I want to continue encouraging the women I’ve worked with thus far and make opportunities to reach out to work with new women but I’m not 100% sure what that will look like yet and if it will resemble what I did in the past. For now, I’m setting time aside to focus on this new thing. I believe that over the course of the next few weeks and through the Revelation Wellness retreat, clarity will come.

I’d love to ask you to pray over my upcoming retreat and desires to use both faith and fitness to encourage and connect with women. There is a lot about it that is both exciting and filled with unknowns. I’m already feeling stretched but I believe that getting comfortable being uncomfortable is a good thing. It keeps me dependent on God rather than on my own strength.


Wondering what it takes to become a Revelation Wellness fitness teacher, gospel preacher? Watch this video below.

Would you like a peek at some of the highlights from the last Instructor Training Retreat?

Curious to see what some of the free Revelation Wellness workouts look like? Check out the Revelation Wellness YouTube channel. They also have the option to pay a monthly fee to stream workouts from their website.

Do you have any other questions I’ve not yet answered? Let me know!

7 thoughts on “40 day fast, 1 new vision”

  1. Well that’s exciting! I’ll be praying for you as this opportunity unfolds to combine fitness with serving God through encouraging women. God is good and He’ll lead you. I look forward to hearing more about it and I may be taking a drive to Kamiah now and then to partake!
    Love you sweet friend!

    Btw, I’ve missed you on IG

    1. Hey there friend! I sure would love to sweat together with you in Kamiah! God is good and I love How faithful He is to take care of us and use us for His purposes. I’d love to hear how you are doing and look forward to hopefully seeing you in person soon!

  2. I am so excited about our retreat and to meet you! Thanks for this honest post. I can relate to striving and getting ahead of God’s plans for sure. Excited to see what God does next week and the vision He gives you for afterward in your community.

    1. Thank you Nicole, I am really excited to meet you and see what God has in store for us all, it’s going to be amazing!

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