a place of transition

This is a transitional week. Mentally, I’m shifting from thoughts revolving around our shocking dental visit toward meal and trip planning. That last little blog post I wrote about being kicked out of the dentist office created quite the stir. Typically I’m thrilled to hear from a small handful of you in the form of a comment or email. I wasn’t prepared for the avalanche of thoughts, opinions and advice that poured in. Over 200 comments accompanied the 40,000+ page views.


I typically take the time to respond to each blog comment. However, I gave myself a pass on this one due to both the volume and, in some cases, the sheer lunacy shared. I have a hard time engaging in assaulting conversations so I simply tapped out on a few of them. Chances are, if you are still reading my blog now, you did not leave one of those comments. However, I did add a few notes of clarification to the dental post as there seemed to be some confusion over our motives. Feel free to click over to read the updates if you felt we might have been after fame or money (spoiler alert: we weren’t).

Finally, in an attempt to bring some closure to the topic, we were able to locate a dentist in the Phoenix area who comes highly recommended by a trusted friend. We’ve made appointments for all four kids (on the same day—hallelujah) and look forward to experiencing his laser (no shot, no drill, no anesthesia, no cursing–just seeing if you are paying attention) dentistry technique in a few weeks.


Physically, we have transitioned back into our RV after a month of living with friends while warranty work was completed. Can we just take a brief moment to acknowledge the four families who willingly housed us over the last month? I mean truly, you know you’ve got die-hard friends when they let your dirty laundry intermingle with theirs and don’t mind when you walk into their kitchen with morning breath and bed head. Tschida, Hembry, McKee and Swan families: you win top hospitality awards! We are truly, madly, deeply grateful to call you friends!

((respectful moment of silence))

Photo: parked next to friends (who have full hookups!)


After a year on the road, we’ve assessed our family’s goals, priorities and hopes for the coming year. Taking all of these factors into account, we arrived at a modified travel schedule for 2018. In order to allow for more time with Idaho friends and to partake in some of the activities that lend themselves to stationary living, we plan to make Kamiah, Idaho a more frequent “home base” between travels.

Photo: Ashlyn enjoying some special friend time in Kamiah

Spreadsheets, maps, reservations, shopping and meal preparation have been the focal point over the last few days. Now the open road lies before us and the Salmon River tumbles over rock and stone pathways following our every turn as we wind our way south. Leaving our van in Kamiah, we are all traveling together in the same vehicle for the first time since owning our RV. After driving the van over 26,000 miles, I am excited about this next phase of passenger seat travel.

Photo: Central Idaho


Photo: This is the portion of our trip that we have planned out thus far

Over the next three months we plan to explore the southwest. The first big kickoff in our trip begins one week from now at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico. We anticipate returning to Idaho sometime in January where we will stay through spring. Our current plan is to spend the summer of 2018 in Alaska before returning to Idaho. I am excited for you to ride along with us as the road unfolds.

What about you?  What are some of the things you are looking forward to in the coming months?

5 thoughts on “a place of transition”

  1. It was so good to see you and visit! Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures!!
    Godspeed sweet friends. See you in January!

  2. Ooh…what do you have planned for meals?

    We’re not fulltimers but we’re looking to celebrate Thanksgiving away from home as a final trip before we winterize. The mere thought of not being able to travel in the rig for a few months bums me out. Can’t wait to see how the southwest treats you for the next few months.

    1. Do you think you will pick back up in the Spring or are you parking your rig for an unknown amount of time? The later would be much harder for me. Do you know where you plan to be for Thanksgiving?

      For meals I picked out 5 crockpot recipes from my Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook and then doubled them making 10 meals that I could have in the freezer ready and waiting. I am using my InstantPot instead of a crock pot so I’m having to tweak the cooking times a bit but so far they have turned out really well!

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