Alaska bound | a quick recap

Hello dear reader! Remember me? I used to write on this blog a tad bit more often than once a month. I bet you thought we got lost somewhere on the side of a lonely highway with no Internet.

Good news, we are not lost, we know exactly where we are!

Allow me to give you a quick recap of the last few months and bring you up to speed on our current adventure: Alaska! (Heads up: every link in this post will bring you to a corresponding YouTube video.)

Our February exit out of Southern California into the Pacific Northwest allowed us to successfully catch winter’s tail and enjoy the dramatic contrast between Death Valley and Northern Idaho. Trent vlogged our interaction within the two beautifully opposing climates of Death Valley and Northern Idaho.

For the last four months, we’ve tucked ourselves into the folds of the Idaho mountains and breathed the pine scent deep into our lungs.

While the winter lingered, we introduced our littles to the world of downhill skiing and discovered the best way to tube without expending any effort at all (click here or on the image below to view). In fact, it felt like cheating but that didn’t stop us!


As the ground slowly thawed and the spring flowers bloomed, our focus shifted as well. Our travel plans to venture into Alaska for the summer took center stage and we initiated preparation procedures. Although we’d previously equipped our RV with solar, we wanted to improve on our current setup, allowing us more freedom and flexibility to stop and camp whenever and wherever the opportunity might present itself. We also wanted to reinforce areas of our rig that might be more prone to stress and damage on bumpy frost heave* Alaskan roads.

Trent took up the challenge with focused fervor by upgrading our RV shackles, tires, fresh water capacity and solar. (Click on any of the links to see his YouTube videos documenting the details of that process.)


With preparations behind us, an exciting summer of unknown adventure lies before us. We began in Northeast Washington where I grew up and from there crossed the border into BC, Canada. Our first exploration stop has been the Banff area in Alberta. The beauty here is overwhelming.

I can’t wait to share details of our journey with you on a more regular basis again. In between blog posts, I invite you to follow us on our YouTube channel where my husband is documenting our journey via video, and by viewing our Instagram stories and photos here.

In the meantime, if you’ve been along this particular path, please feel free to share tips and advice. For those of you who are also in route to explore The Last Frontier, I hope you will reach out and say hello. Maybe we can meet up along the way!

frost heave
noun: the uplift of water-saturated soil or other surface deposits due to expansion on freezing.

  • a mound formed by frost heave, especially when broken through the pavement of a road

6 thoughts on “Alaska bound | a quick recap”

  1. I am sooo excited that your family is heading to Alaska for one of the most wonderful journeys you’ll ever experience! I agree that Banff is absolutely beautiful! Did you get to hike to the Tea House at Lake Louise?
    We RV’d to and through Alaska 2 summers ago and it still remains one of our most treasured memories! The worst & slowest part of the road was the section of the Alaska Highway from Destruction Bay to the Alaska border. They are always repairing some section of that road because of the permafrost and we arrived in Gulkana very dusty, with grime everywhere and our teeth just about rattled out of us! The Tok Cutoff was probably the bumpiest of all the roads with frost heaves but it was all magnificent! Be sure to spend time in McCarthy and Kennicott. It was magical! We found the Milepost absolutely indispensable so hopefully you have the newest edition! Happy trails and happy memories!

    1. I am so glad you have great memories of Alaska! We did not get to stop at the Tea House. My daughter was hoping we would but we were pressed a bit for time that day and it looked a bit out of the way 🙁 . Thanks for all your tips and info. We do have the lastest Milepost–it is indeed very helpful!

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