Beautiful boringness

Some of the very best memories from my week thus far were so removed from the arena of exciting, that they actually hung out with lame and boring for fun. Are you ready to hear my top three moments?

Making 8 batches of apple brownies last week
Making 8 batches of apple brownies last week

Making apple brownies in my own kitchen

Last week we were WWOOFing at a ranch. For the entire week we cooked in their lovely kitchen and ate every meal in the ranch café. The kitchen was large, well stocked and filled with stainless steel. One day I made 8 batches of apple brownies for the weekend dessert (click here for the recipe). Sunday, after we’d pulled into a new campground and had settled in for the afternoon, I wanted to made dessert in my own teeny tiny kitchen. Standing between my sink and stove slicing apples felt cozy, like a wearing a favorite pair of sweat pants. I knew where every ingredient was (including the ones stored under my bed) and the only dishes I had to wash were my own.

Going grocery shopping with the whole family

After I made apple brownies, Trent needed to create his own version of kitchen comfort (chocolate chip cookies) and discovered we were low on butter. We explored another new grocery store together roaming the aisles and crossing items off of our list. Quinten pushed the cart. Hunter found the cereal isle. Ashlyn and I scoped out the frozen veggies and Trent and Tanner found the butter (which was also conveniently close to the ice cream). It was mundane yet, not. Fun new finds greeted us around every corner. The meat department had a lobster tank and offered stuffed crab. The dairy isle didn’t just have almond milk and cashew milk but also almond and cashew milk blended together! Even the cereal isle hosted new surprises (hello grits!). It felt like a family food field trip.

Visiting a local thrift store

When we decided to bring only a few changes of clothes for each child, we knowingly assumed we would be stopping from time to time to replenish or replace needed items. Yesterday we found a thrift store and meandered through a myriad of shirts until we found just the right long sleeve to come live in our dresser drawers.

None of these activities were special in their own right. But following several weeks of consistent events, it was the mundane that rose to the top as the richest part of the day. Isn’t it ironic that what we often crave is simply what we haven’t had enough of lately? I can’t live in a constant state of activity without wearing thin and craving routine, but I also can’t maintain too much sameness without itching for a new adventure. It’s the pull between the two that creates the needed tension of appreciation. It’s the attention to the moment that allows the thankfulness of the memory.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful boringness”

  1. I appreciate the mundane things with you as you paint the picture with words. Lobster tank: fun! Stuffed crab: yum. Ben and I enjoyed a trip to a Bonner’s Ferry grocery store this summer (on our way to/from camping) and some of our finds there that we wouldn’t find closer to home were entertaining.

    1. I think often we just need to remind ourselves to see with different eyes. It’s easier to do this when we are outside of our “normal” but this can be achieved within our “normal” as well if we are willing to look for it.

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