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All glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.  Ephesians 3:20

The Grand Canyon

God’s best for us is often better than we can ask for.  I’ve been thinking about this truth and how it can apply in my life and also in the lives of those I read about in the Bible.  First to mind was Adam and his paradise home located on brand-spankin’-new planet earth.  I’ve pondered the lush fauna and flora (I just learned the difference between the two this past year–thank you homeschooling), and I’ve decided that if we can enjoy breathtaking landscapes like the Grand Canyon on this post-sin earth, my mind can’t even conceive hypothetical sin-free beauty.

It would seem that Adam was pretty set with physical perfection and intimate closeness with God.  Yet God (not Adam), recognized and expressed the deep need Adam had for a helper (Genesis 2:20-21).  God, the first inventor, created and presented the exact thing that Adam needed but couldn’t produce or even imagine on his own. God knew Adam so well that he was anticipating needs and initiating provision before they were requested.  Isn’t that beautiful?

Sometimes I struggle to comprehend that the same provider God of the Old Testament is still present in 2014.  Sometimes I have higher expectations for my Old Testament God than I do for my personal Savior God.  It sounds strange, even perhaps a tad sacrilegious to admit it, but it’s true.  My God is not nearly big enough.  Although I know theoretically that He can do anything, I am consistently putting limits on what I think He will do.  It can be downright embarrassing at times.  Like when He answers prayers I forgot to pray, or provides for things I never got around to asking for, or moves in ways I would not have even fathomed to envision.  In times like this, I am caught with my mouth slightly open and a dazed look on my face thinking, “Wait a minute, how did you. . . why I never even. . . hey, you moved without me. . . wow, that was awesome.”

At the end of April, Trent and I had a growing heap of things “on the table” that we had been considering and praying over.  At this point, nothing that we had prayed about so far was being confirmed in any clear way, yet nothing had been specifically disqualified either.  Frankly, we were feeling overwhelmed by the pile of possibilities and wondering how we would ever decipher clear direction.  It was on a day of slight disillusionment that Trent half-heartedly tossed another option onto “the table” for me to consider.  However, as the days passed and we began to ponder and pray over this new possibility, we couldn’t deny the countless ways that this particular option appeared to be uniquely crafted to our specific passions, dreams and goals.

This option would require a sacrifice of physical comfort, but with the potential of greater freedom.  We would be giving up a degree of personal privacy in exchange for more daily interaction with people needing love.  Looking over our passions and goals, we could see a unique personal fit.  It would provide more financial freedom. It would free us up for extended travel and because of our homeschooling decision, it would not require the same level of sudden change for our kids as our previous school scenario would have.  On paper it looked, well, it looked better than we could have asked for.  

Was God showing off for us or was this simply a clever distraction?  The process for sorting this out has relied heavily of praying, listening, observing and waiting for peace.  We have made notes along the way.  At first we would raise our eyebrows and shrug our shoulders and say “Maybe?” when something potentially confirming would happen.  Over time however, we just started shaking our heads and chuckling and saying “Okay we get it God!”  Together, through prayer, consistent confirmation and peace, we decided that the next step was to put our house on the market and wait for God to move.

*I have intentionally kept the details of our opportunity vague out of consideration for some individuals that will be impacted by the decision. However, I will share more fully when I am able.

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