sweet discoveries | Hershey, PA

As we’ve made our way up the east coast, we marvel at how much we’ve erroneously assumed. First of all, there is a lot of farmland. We were not expecting that. We kind of thought there would be too many people to dedicate land for agriculture. Crosswalks? Yes. Crops? no. That was mistake number one.

Hershey, PA

Secondly, people have been really nice. We thought they’d be too busy to be nice. Our bad. Now we’ve migrated over to New Jersey. Our assumptions (based entirely on firm, reliable hearsay) of Jersey folk had us nervously bracing for loud, obnoxious encounters. What we have seen through our short window of observation has been a mixed bag of dry humored jesting, goodnatured kindness and outright obnoxiousness. It’s hard to weigh in on the character quality of an entire state based on a handful of interactions, but I have a feeling that if I stayed here long enough I could find a genuine friend in the garden state. Continue reading “sweet discoveries | Hershey, PA”