stuck in Idaho

Hello from Idaho where our family sits with a broken RV frame and no clear answers on the horizon about when (or if) our RV will ever hit the road again.

It’s certainly not the first time in the last three years of our travels that we’ve been broken down, but it is the first time that the solution timeline doesn’t really matter to me.

photo: sitting still with no end in sight


Every family has a set of values that they hold dear. Near the top of our list is community. However, regular, meaningful interaction with people who recognize their need for one another has proven to be more elusive to develop than we expected.

Discovering this shared value among the Full-Time RV community has been a glorious surprise. Without it, our time on the road would have simply been a year-long road trip to see sights and spend time as a family. Instead, our one year plan blossomed into three years of shared experiences with others who had dared to jump into the unknown and found the pay off worth the risk because we’d found each other in the process.

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