faith escarpment | Hamilton, Ontario

Our truck’s old engine is out and the replacement is ready to go in. Mr. Mechanic is hard on the job. We are left playing the waiting game.

A sunny forecast beckons us to pass the time outside. I pack a lunch, the kids change into swimming suits, and we all climb in the van.


We set out to locate a waterfall. The hardest part is choosing which one to visit. There are over 100 in this area alone, which is sitting on a portion of the Niagara escarpment. The city even has a “waterfall of the week.” The winning falls for our mini excursion is a short 10 minute walk from the parking lot and is accessible to explore around the base on foot.

We park, pay our $2 parking fee and begin our walk to Tiffany Falls. The sun is high overhead, but the cover of trees provides a lovely shade canopy. A stream, created from the waterfall runoff, flows alongside our path at a brisk pace.

We pause a few minutes for the kids to play. Ashlyn builds a temporary rock dam to reroute the flow of water, while the younger two wield sticks in a perpetual battle of stick-war. Hunter keeps us on track, reminding his younger siblings that the waterfall is just up ahead. Once again we are on-course.


As we approach the waterfall, the mist delivers a refreshing burst of cool. I find a spot to sit near the base and soak in the view. As I watch the water falling in droplet form before me, I realize something both simple and profound: the beauty is in the fall. Were it not for the drastic drop, the cascading plummet, there would be no great vision to behold.

faith escarpment

In this moment, the beauty of faith unfolds before me in visual form. It is the willingness to fall over the edge of the known into the unknown and trust that your free-fall journey is part of God’s refining process. While the individual drops are essential, when observed as a cohesive whole, the waterfall itself gets all the glory. Just as God rightly receives the glory when we are willing to submit ourselves to His plan and trust the process.

faith escarpment


In this way, we are all positioned on an escarpment*. Precisely where and when we will take a turn free-falling into our next moment of faith is unique to our own story. For some of us it will be a quiet moment witnessed only by the close few around us. For others, perhaps the faith moments are observed by millions. Either way, our responsibility is the same: bring glory to God in the process.

As we return to the van, I realize our current “waiting game” is simply a free fall over our most recent faith escarpment. From that perspective it all feels purposeful and worthwhile.

faith escarpment
Photo: Niagara Falls, NY: the free fall viewed by millions

escarpmenta long, steep slope, especially one at the edge of a plateau or separating areas of land at different heights.

6 thoughts on “faith escarpment | Hamilton, Ontario”

  1. Such good truths! We fell hard a few years ago taking a huge step of faith for me to leave my job and even now as we prepare to travel even more so. And we learn more about Him in these moments!

  2. What a beautiful analogy! I love seeing God in nature. It makes it just that much more beautiful and meaningful. What an incredible waterfall God must be seeing from His perspective, all of our individual freefalls joined as one.

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