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If you asked me to do it better, I could not. Every part of my Revelation Wellness fitness instructor training retreat was carefully crafted and strategically planned. From the first night of prayer, inviting God to come and heal the physical pain that was brought to retreat, to the departing prayer of praise for the great things He accomplished in all of us, all glory was given to the One who gave us breath.


In order to free others, you must first be free yourself. This fundamental truth was woven through every workout and workshop we attended.

As we were invited to draw near to God, He drew near to us, bringing with Him the truth of who He is and the authority to boldly embrace who we are in Him: fully forgiven and forever free.


A moment of freedom for me came during our first morning workout. Alissa Keaton, founder of Revelation Wellness, spoke the following over us as we begin to move our bodies:

“In 1/3rd of the Psalms, David starts with, ‘To the choirmaster’ Has anyone noticed that? …I’m here to tell you, welcome choirmasters. Choirmasters. They are the ones who have practiced and listened and know how to put things together for public worship. So in 55 of those Psalms, David is saying, ‘Put this out to the public. Make sure this is sung. Make sure it is corporate. Make sure people know about it.’ And this is you…There is an anointing on each of you as choirmasters.

The word choirmaster also means ‘one who glitters from afar.’ …Isn’t it true? We need a shirt that says ‘I don’t sweat, I glitter!’ Cause as we get moving into choirmasters you are literally glittering. I believe the Lord [is saying], “Look at them. Look at my daughters. Look at my sons willing to step forward and glitter.” So that you glow and the rest of the world goes, ‘What’s going on over there?’”

In a world that often seeks to limit a woman’s voice and power of influence, something in Alissa’s commission resonated deep within my heart. Here was a place to operate boldly within the freedom of the gospel, a place to lean into His goodness and pour out His grace, a place to find freedom and share it openly. These were my people. This is my role.

Pounding out the rhythm of the beat, drumsticks in hand, we glittered brightly. New choir masters conveying an ancient truth: who the Son sets free is free indeed!

You can watch not only Alisia’s choirmaster declaration but the entirety of our workout as it was filmed live here on the Revelation Wellness Facebook page. (Skip ahead to 16:39 in the video to see the drumsticks in action!)


As our week progressed, so did the learning. Workshops taught us the practical components of circuit training, cardio, choreography and drumsticks. Meanwhile, Bible Studies and small groups dove into the subjects of sin, forgiveness, prayer, bible study and body image. We were busy from sun up to sun down. It was equal parts exhilarating and exhausting, life-giving and life-altering.

To be deeply challenged in a highly supportive environment of acceptance offers the best possible recipe for growth. And grow we did. Embracing the mantra of being “comfortable being uncomfortable,” we dug deep, faced fears, told truths, denounced lies, extended forgiveness and led the charge of freedom.


Now that our training week has concluded, 170+ women are returning to their homes and communities ready to embrace the new call upon their life.

I am unique among the crowd in that I’ve only completed part 2 of the two-part Revelation Wellness training protocol because of the unique timing in which I jumped in. This fall I will complete the online training portion, concluding my 200 hours of education. At that time I will be able to fully step into my new role as a “fitness teacher, gospel preacher,” and lead in-person fitness classes as well as lead online wellness-focused small groups. To say that I am excited for what is in store would be an understatement. This 4-minute video is one of several that captured the essence of what our week entailed. I invite you to watch and join me in praising God for the good things He is doing to bring glory to the world through the vehicle of health and fitness.

Many of you joined me in prayerful support during my training retreat. I am truly humbled by your desire to come alongside me, and I want to thank you deeply. If there are any details that I have left out that you are curious about, feel free to leave a comment below!

Photo Credit: Revelation Wellness

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