6 free (or almost free) RV decor ideas

Ashlyn was recently gifted a large amount of scrap fabric from a kind lady we met at church. As we pondered ways to make use of it, I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. This led us down a delightful decorating rabbit hole. Come along and I’ll show you 6 free (or almost) RV decor ideas that we discovered!

free RV decor ideas


I’ve considered redoing the dark brown curtains in our main living area multiple times. I even went so far as to purchase fabric from IKEA last winter for this purpose. However, upon making the first panel, I discovered that the color scheme just wasn’t quite right and I abandoned the effort.

It all worked out however because I’d kept that not-quite-right fabric and was able to repurpose it into no-sew fabric strip curtain valances by intermingling some of the fabric we had been given. The end result was perfect. It brightened up the room, required no sewing and was very cost effective! If you want more details on how to create these valances yourself, here are the instructions I followed.

free RV decor ideas


Once the curtains were finished, we still had a pile of fabric left. The next project I undertook was making fabric banners for the kitchen island. Each banner is themed for a different season and can be swapped out with ease using command hooks attached to the underside of our kitchen counter. My Christmas banner can be seen in the photo below.

free (or almost free) RV decor ideas


The natural progression after making fabric banners is book page banners–am I right? I acquired a free book from a thrift store with the bonus of worn, yellowed pages. It took less than 30 minutes to put this banner together with the help of some yarn and a hot glue gun by simply folding the page in half, cutting a v-shape, gluing it over a piece of yarn and tying it to hidden command hooks.

free (or almost free) RV decor ideas

This project could have been faster. However, I was unknowingly working with pages from a murder mystery novel involving some unsavory words and phrases. This rerouted my simple craft into a circuitous* exercise–proof reading the potentially viewable pages. An alarming percentage of pages were deemed unusable, but thankfully it was a thick book to start with and I was able to bring the banner to completion.

free (or almost free) RV decor ideas


What do you do with left over book pages? You make wreaths out of them! This project requires a lot of repetitive action (and is coincidentally more conducive to murder mystery pages). I recommend pairing it with a movie as that is about how long it will take to finish. I made two wreaths, one while watching Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian with my kids and the second while binge watching Keep Your Daydream on YouTube.

Using two differently sized round objects (I used a pencil and my mascara tube), I rolled book pages from corner to corner and affixed the round paper tube in place using a drop of hot glue. Repeat this process until you have a lot of tubes. Using a cereal box (or something similar) cut a circular form. Glue or tie a ribbon to your circle to allow ease of hanging later. Next, begin hot gluing the paper tubes to the cardboard form. Start at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions and fill in as you go. Alternating with the two sizes of tubes will add variety. How many layers you add is up to you. I cut my tubes in half for the last layer. For more detailed instructions on how to make this book page wreath, you can see the tutorial I followed here.

free (or almost free) RV decor ideas

The beauty of this wreath is that it is light weight which makes it easy to hang just about anywhere and is perfect for moving houses!

free (or almost free) RV decor ideas


In addition to compiling a list of new words I come across, I also have a growing treasury of favorite quotes. Using a grocery paper bag, I simply picked a few shorter quotes,  scrawled them down with a permanent marker, curled the corners and slapped it up on the wall. I figure this could easily be something that I switch out from time to time adding new quotes, poems or Bible verses.

free (or almost free) RV decor ideas


My final décor addition was this lovely palm tree shed that we found by the beach in Ventura.

After my boys finished using it as a battle shield, I couldn’t help but think of the antler decorations we often see in Idaho homes and sought out to emulate this with the help of some string, hot glue and a command hook!

free (or almost free) RV decor ideas

I loved seeing how the addition of a few simple, affordable, items could really add some warmth and personality to our home.

What about you? Have you found some fun ways to make your house or RV reflect your style? I’d love to hear about it–bonus points if your ideas are free (or almost)!

*circuitous |sərˈkyo͞oədəs| adjective: (of a route or journey) longer than the most direct way: This rerouted my simple craft into a circuitous exercise–proof reading the potentially viewable pages.


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  1. Those are super cute and doable decorations! I usually opt not to decorate because it seems like such a waste of money, but I could get behind some like yours.

  2. Love the decor and lightweight! I love the decals in the bedroom the world and the one over the bed. Can I ask where you purchased those? TIA!

    1. Thank you! The decal of the world was purchased at Target. There are some other parts to it that I have in other places in the RV. The one above the bed I purchased from “bushcreative” off of Etsy.

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