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Last month I completed my project to curate a book list of over 300 children’s chapter books organized by the state they take place in. I wanted to create a resource that we could use as we traveled across the US allowing us to choose books to compliment the places we were visiting. (By the way, if you haven’t gotten your copy of this book list, simply subscribe to my blog email list and I’ll send you your own copy lickity split).

While researching books for my state book list, I came across something that I got really excited about. Someone had written a series of books about an RVing, roadschooling family who travels the USA!


Each book in the Wright on Time series takes the family to a different state each with a new educational adventure. The series (which currently covers 6 different states) is tied together with a fun sci-fi mystery. I couldn’t believe how perfect this was for my booklist. Not only were they a great fit, but these were the first books I’ve ever come across that are written about a full-time RVing family! Even if you are not traveling in an RV, I believe your kids would enjoy learning from a family who does.


writeontimeI contacted Lisa Cottrell-Bentley, the author of the Wright on Time series and told her how excited I was to find her books. Together, we decided to offer you a chance to win her Wright on Time book collection (of books 1-4) in either the Audible format which contain 5 hours and 47 minutes of listening time or the Kindle versions of books 1-4. Curious about what the first four books focus on?

  • Book 1: Wright on Time: Arizona the family explores caves and learns about minerals and bats.*
  • Book 2: Wright on Time: Utah the family goes on a dinosaur dig.*
  • Book 3: Wright on Time: Wyoming the family explores various alternative energies.
  • Book 4: Wright on Time: South Dakota the family goes to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and also learns about how newspapers are made.

Before offering this giveaway to you, Lisa gifted my family this audio collection so that we could preview it first. Each of my kids (ages 13, 10, 7 and 5) found the series to be both entertaining as well as engaging. In their own words:

Tanner (5): “I liked the books, really I did.”
Quinten (7): “Once I got into them I really wanted to hear more. Now I want to hear the next books in the series.”
Ashlyn (10): “I thought it was really fun to hear a story about another family that travels in an RV. It was neat to hear them have some of the same kind of things happen to them as we have. Each book taught me something new too.”
Hunter (13): “I really enjoyed the books. I liked how each story progressed and built on the previous one.”

*You might find it useful to know that the books did not endorse a particular age of the earth. There was no mention of “millions of years” or “evolution.”


Below you have multiple options to enter to win this 4 book series by Lisa Cottrell-Bentley. The Rafflecopter form will offer you several ways to enter. You can sign in using your facebook login or with your name and email. It is necessary for us to have your email so we can contact you if you are the winner. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose.

The winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email within 48 hours with your prize details. The Wright On Time book series (books 1-4) will be sent via Audible or Amazon Kindle (according to the winner’s preference). The giveaway begins on December 17 and ends December 21, 2016.

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22 thoughts on “Giveaway: Wright On Time RV roadschooling 4 book collection”

  1. What fun books! We are a huge read-aloud family. It’s so hard to narrow down our favorite, so I’ll just tell you the most recent. We recently finished the first Harry Potter, The Green Ember, and are now in the middle of our Adventure book Tabatha’s Travels (which is one of the Jotham’s Journey series of Advent books).

    1. I really admire your family’s love for books and reading. We enjoy children’s holiday books most around the holidays! Especially about Jesus, our King.

      1. Yes that is something I’m missing right now: our holiday books. I didn’t bring them with us in the RV since they are so seasonal and I didn’t want to allocate the space and weight to something we don’t read all year. Thankfully I found a good Kindle deal a while back for a cute Christmas book we hadn’t read before. My kids are also listening to the Sparkle Stories audio advent stories (they have a free trial and my kids are trying to finish the stories before the free trial runs out ;). Do you have a favorite Christmas book?

    2. It is hard to narrow down if you read a lot, I can understand that! My 13 year old and I finished Harry Potter this year and we loved reading it together! The Green Ember is awesome (did you know that The Black Star (the prequel to The Green Ember) is free on Kindle today? You can find it here (that is an affiliate link). I believe you can also add the audible narration for just $1.99. I haven’t heard of Tabatha’s Travels, I’ll check it out :).

  2. Our favorite read aloud so far is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Our ypungest also loves the ” If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” series. Very fun!

    1. My middle son was read that dieing preschool & he talked about it for weeks. At the end of the story all the kids got a golden ticket.

    2. Oh yes Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a great read aloud. Each chapter sort of leaves you hanging! We brought along a few “If you Give the Mouse a Cookie” books in our RV, my kids love those too :).

  3. That list you’re compiling is a great idea! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Would love to hear these books.

  4. There is not one book that the whole family can sit down and read together. It is a bummer! Lol. I or my hubby usually read books to one kiddo at a time. Makes for some great one-on-one time, but really wish we could all enjoy a book together.

    1. There is a lot of special memories to be had with one-on-one reading time! My husband and our oldest son are working through the Lord of the Rings books together and i am sure that will be something they both look back on with fondness.

  5. What a fun series!! Perfect for fulltime traveling families.
    Our favorite read alouds so far have been the Chronicles of Natnia.

    1. Oh yes those are great! Although we didn’t technically read those aloud, my kids listened to them together from the audio format. This is one series they have listened to more than once! I can still remember the first time I heard The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe as a kid. I am sure our children will remember them fondly too!

  6. A couple years ago, I read quite a few of the Boxcar Children books to the kids. They loved them! I did, too, because I remember reading them as a kid myself.

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