Giving my GPS a rest


I drove 20 minutes into town today and I didn’t need to use GPS to navigate my route. I now know where the closest grocery store, chiropractor and thrift store are located. This is a sign that we have officially been in one place for a long time.

With the exception of a short jaunt to Kentucky’s Mammoth Caves, and a quick trip to Memphis, we’ve now been stationary in the Nashville area for almost a month. This was not the original plan. We’d anticipated being somewhere near the Gulf of Mexico at this point in our journey. However, as we are learning and all seasoned RV travelers would confirm: travel plans are best set in Jello-mode.

Our extended stay can be contributed to a bolt that broke off of our dinning room slide. Since that time we’ve been waiting for Camping World to order our part and fix the slide. Thankfully, we’ve been able to continue living in our RV while we wait. Thankfully, we are camping out in my brother’s driveway and not paying per night at an RV park. Thankfully, our schedule has been able to be loosy-goosy. We’ve enjoyed the downtime. We’ve enjoyed the extended family visit.

However, my feet are getting itchy. I’m ready to start seeing a new horizon outside my front door. We have new friends to meet in Florida and memories to make along the way. Isn’t it ironic that just a short time ago I was basking in the glorious mundane and now I’m ready to go-go-go? While there is a comfort in finding familiarity, change is calling. Again and again I’m reminded of William Cowper’s simple truth:

Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavour.

2 thoughts on “Giving my GPS a rest”

  1. Time to get caught up on my favorite full-time family! How did the broken bolt get discovered?? I was out of town for three weeks, staying with family, and while I enjoyed the time, I was aching to get back to my glorious mundane. A week later, however, new horizons were appealing once again. 🙂

    1. Hello! The broken bolt was simply discovered laying on the ground underneath the slide if I am not mistaken. I would guess it could have easily been overlooked so I am thankful God pointed it out to Trent!

      I can fully believe that you can relate to that pull between the glorious mundane and the new horizons! Perhaps a trip to visit your favorite full-time family is in order during Ben’s spring break :)!? We’ve got a couch and we’d love to have you!

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