God glorifying gypsies

Allow me to welcome you to our new home. The cultural irony does not escape me, but the fact remains that we could not be more excited or content with our new tiny home on wheels. In a country where the majority believe that bigger is bound to be better, swimming upstream with a lighter load feels exactly right to us.

If our possessions were milk, I could say that we have now skimmed off the most precious and useful cream to take with us. The rest of our belongings which were deemed worth keeping but not essential have been packed and stored away for an undetermined amount of time. As I’ve quoted before from the children’s book The Trumpet of the Swan“Flying is a lot harder than it was before I acquired all these possessions.  The best way to travel, really, is to travel light.”  Freedom can be found in many forms, but for us, minimizing our possessions and limiting the space we need to manage and maintain, is truly freeing. 

So what do we plan to do with our freedom? For this summer we will remain in Northern Idaho where my husband can continue to help out at the RV park where we have lived for the past year. We have recently moved out of the “sticks and bricks” manager suite and are now living in our house on wheels tucked away toward the back of the campground where the birds compete with us in a celebratory chorus of praise and thanksgiving. As the summer closes, so will our time here.  Shaking off the outdoor mat currently strewn with flip-flops, sticks and bike helmets, we will head out into the unknown like God-glorifying gypsies. I would be honored to have you join us on our journey.

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