hello new life

I feel like I’ve stepped back in time.
This is so much fun.
I must be in the honeymoon stage.

These three statements have played over and over in my mind since we moved into our new home 10 days ago. I realize I’ve been somewhat elusive concerning our plans and destination, so I’ll start by pulling back the curtain a bit on where we are at and what we are doing. Back in 2000, my husband I and moved from the midwest where we graduated from college and settled in Redlands, California. At that time, I was starting a new elementary teaching position and Trent began a new job working for a company that makes mapping software. Even after we moved to Idaho and Trent maintained his previous position from home, he kept in contact with one of his previous co-workers and the two of them maintained their friendship through frequent phone calls and occasional visits. A few years ago, this friend purchased an RV park a few hours south of where we were living in Idaho. In April of last year, Trent’s friend offered our family the unique opportunity to live rent free in the “family suite” of his RV park.  Although Trent would be maintaining his previous work position, in exchange for the free boarding, Trent would also help oversee the upcoming transition of the RV park to a KOA campground. We prayed over this opportunity and through a series of confirmations, answered prayers and eventually peaceful hearts, we agreed to move forward in listing our house for sale. Although the timeline for the sale of our house stretched beyond what we initially expected, in the end the timing proved seamless.

We moved into our new home on the 31st of March. Since that time, we have been overwhelmed not only by the beauty of the area, but by the joy that has come with living more simply. First of all, not having a mortgage payment does something to you, it loosens some invisible harness that silently tries to tug on your life. Our house is 1/2 the size as before, but we feel like we still have room to spare. Cleaning is quicker, less furniture is needed, and there is a feeling of cozy intimacy when your whole family is within talking distance. The grocery store and library are only 3 minutes away, yet the town is still too small to need a stoplight so it’s a wonderful combination of small yet accessible, quaint yet adequate. I shopped at a hardware store for the first time in 15 years and I walked into a chiropractor office to make an appointment rather than calling on the phone.  I’ve located a local source for farm fresh eggs who delivers to my doorstep on her way to church on Sunday and this week we may also begin receiving weekly deliveries of farm milk.  Across the street there is an Indian reserve which is both beautiful and serene. The kids ride their bikes and I bring a book and a blanket and everyone is happy. Life seems to have slowed down and the pace is appealing. My new librarian insists on calling me on the phone to tell me when one of my books has arrived because she assumes, “I just might not get around to checking my email and I might miss the email notification”! Ironically, cell phones don’t work well either because of the way this area is nestled within a valley so many people either don’t own one or don’t rely on them. Imagine that, a community of people who are not dependent on their phones. It’s not perfection, but it’s unique and I’m happy to be along for the ride.

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