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Cherries, apricots, peaches and apples were an integral part of my childhood.  My family owned a soft fruit orchard on the Columbia River in Washington State.  Summer days were filled with harvesting fruit for customers.  Summer evenings were spent on the river boating.  Waterskiing and knee boarding were our family sport.  A large percentage of my happy adolescent memories can be traced back to our boat.
Therefore, after our mass-selling spree it seemed only natural to consider finding a reasonably priced boat to continue the tradition with my own family.  Late in the summer season we found a great deal on a 10-year-old boat and commenced the happy memory making. 
As fall approached, my husband shared that he was sensing a pull from God to sell our boat.  He didn’t have any logical reasons to hang this decision on, other than a strong prompting in his heart.  We agreed to pray about it and ask God to be clear so we would know how to respond.

One evening before going to bed, Trent (my non-dreamer) asked God to give him a dream that night to confirm if he should sell the boat.  The next morning he shared his prayer with me along with the two dreams he had been given that night. In the first dream we were out on the lake and he had forgotten to put the plug into the boat and it started to sink.  In the second, someone had broken into the shop where our boat was stored and was attempting to steal the motor.  Moments later I realized that even though I had been completely unaware of Trent’s prayer the night before, I had also had a strange dream involving a boat in a storm.  It did not make logical sense, but yet it seemed clear that we should proceed with selling the boat. We listed the boat for sale and it sat though the fall and winter waiting for a buyer.  This spring it sold. 
Faith doesn’t always make sense.  We can’t categorize and analyze it.  However, we would rather trip and fall in our attempts to walk in faith, than be “safe” on the sidelines, unused, un-stretched and unchanged.

For we live by faith, not by sight.  2 Corinthians 5:7

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