I’m honored that you are here.

I think it is best that we begin with introductions.

I want to honor your time and let you know up front that no matter what impression this image conjures up in your mind, I’m a mess.  I struggle with selfishness and pride.  I’m far too content with the ordinary and I cling to my dust-collecting possessions more tightly than I would like to admit.  I am imperfect, but redeemed as well.  I find encouragement each time I choose to find my reflection in the Savior that made me in His image, rather than the twisted lies of the deceiver.  My story is important because it is part of God’s story and it is my prayer that as we grow together, you will find increased encouragement in the importance of your story as well.

Some of you have sat on my couch and listened to my heart as my story has unfolded over time but many of you have not sat face to face with me in a long time (if ever).  Perhaps the last you heard from me was before I retired from Mom 4 Life and slipped silently into obscurity.  In the last year, parts of my heart have been marinating and I’ve begun taking steps of faith toward God’s grand adventure, but other parts have been hiding and I’ve been missing important opportunities.  Today I begin flushing out my story with the wielding tools of words and phrases confident that as I look to Jesus, the “author and perfecter of faith” (Hebrews 12:2), He will use it for His glory.

I warmly invite you to journey with me.

13 thoughts on “introductions”

  1. Love the name of the blog & the design! May God bless you as you start on this new blogging journey! I started reading your other blog several years ago & loved it. I'm excited to see this one grow. =)

  2. So proud of you Heather…and so thankful you invite others into your journey. Be ok with the messy. What counts are the steps, strong and timid, that take place amidst the mess. I continue to be inspired by you!

  3. Yes, good words. Being okay with the messy is indeed possible when we are reminded that it was the choice of our potter to start with mud to begin with right?! I'm super glad our stories have merged, I am better for knowing you.

  4. Praise God for His perfect timing and fueling your take off into blogging again. I'm excited because I know firsthand the blessing behind your God given gift and our friendship is a testament to that. I'm honored to fly alongside you.

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