less excuses, more accountability

It’s been crickets here on the blog for over a week. We’ve all been soaking up long overdue grandma and grandpa time in Minnesota.

The kids have rediscovered forgotten toys hidden deep in upstairs closets. Trent has been diligently working his way down a list of RV updates and repairs and I’ve been playing monopoly and dominoes, reading, sewing and working out. It’s been awesome. All of it. Except maybe for the working out. That’s been super tough.


In April I told you that I was working on developing a habit of regular exercise. In the spirit of transparency, I thought I’d check in and let you know how that has been going.
January: 0 workouts
February: 0 workouts
March: 20 workouts
April: 24 workouts
May: 16 workouts
June: 13 workouts
July: 4 workouts
So that downward trend is less than awesome. I have excuses all lined up and ready but I’m not going to bother with them.

less excuses, more accountability

Instead I’m going to tell you that in the last 14 days I’ve worked out 12 times. The most notable change has been accountability. I’ve joined an online group of committed participants and together we are willfully submitting ourselves to pain and torture increasing amounts of physical challenge. Seriously. These workouts are kicking my butt and I’ve wanted to quit at least 5 times and crawl back to July. But I can’t quit because like an idiot brilliantly, I’ve closed that back door of escape and locked it with accountability. See, I know myself, and my strength and flaw is that if I say I will do something come hell or high water I will see that thing through.

Better be careful what I say yes to…


So, for the last 14 days I’ve been waking up, putting on my workout clothing, streaming my next workout and sweating my way to the red-faced end. Some days I really. don’t. want. to. But I’ve yet to climb into bed at night and wish that workout away. Funny how that works isn’t it?

less excuses, more accountability
Exhibit A: red-faced proof of a workout completed

I’ve got one week left in this workout challenge and it will be the hardest yet, both in intensity and the fact that we will have some long drive days thrown in there as we travel from Minnesota to Northeast Washington. Yet, I can’t imagine not finishing this thing (especially now that I’ve told YOU about it). Isn’t it amazing what can happen when we allow others into our goals and dreams? We are so much stronger together.

What are you working toward? I’d love to hear about it!

4 thoughts on “less excuses, more accountability”

  1. Good job on the workouts! Is it similar to Insanity or Jillian Michael’s?
    It’s been years since I’ve had someone hold me accountable for working out and eating clean. I try to stay as active as possible by finding enjoyable outdoor activities. This Wednesday and Thursday my sister and I are going to bike the trail of the CDA and stay at Silver mountain. I’m excited!

    Will you be coming down this way?

    1. You are very active outdoors, I love that about you! This workout is produced by the same company as Insanity.

      We plan to be down in your area starting on the 22nd of August for about a month.😊

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