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We don’t know these people using our patio furniture

10 blog posts ago we moved from our little 5 acre piece of stability into an unknown adventure on the Clearwater River. We downsized our stuff and took on the role of mom and pop KOA living in the manager’s suite of a newly converted KOA campground.

For a year our front window has daily displayed a continuous caravan of campers coming and going from one adventure to another.  We have been treated to many unexpected opportunities and a handful of humorous oddities like coming home and finding that your front porch has become a hangout for people you’ve never met or the preferred parking spot for Dads Dogs.

Dad’s Dogs

We’ve met some fun people too like the little old lady that visited each morning for a week to check her email via a dinosaur dialup internet connection and cheerfully encouraged me to keep up the good work homeschooling my children before she left.

Little old dial-up lady
Yearly bluegrass festival

We have been treated to live bluegrass music right outside our home and had the opportunity to see some of the most unusual housing configurations to ever roll past a front door.

Winner of the best RV to drive past my front door award

The time has come however, for us to stop looking out our front window and to step out that front door. We are ready to take on a new adventure with our own set of wheels and drive past someone else’s front door. We are ready to roll up our welcome mat and place it outside of a new front door, this time one that has wheels underneath.

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