my least favorite state so far | Connecticut

How did Connecticut end up becoming my least favorite state? It’s complicated.

It started out so sweet and innocent. First, there were¬†the trees and green fields–always a nice start. Next, there were two lovely Harvest Host experiences where we got to boondock in beautiful locations (more on that in a future post). Then, there was the memory of that sweet old holiday movie I’d watched as a kid called Christmas in Connecticut–all good things.

Jump forward to a few days ago when we innocently drove by a town called Lyme, CT followed by Old Lyme and then East Lyme. “Wait, what did those signs say? Lyme…as in Lyme’s disease? That can’t be right.

Things quickly went downhill from there.

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our first visit to New England | Cape Cod, MA

Our East Coast wanderings have brought our family to New England. This makes the needle of my internal travel-meter quiver with fresh excitement. We begin our family visit to Cape Cod traveling along Highway 6. Shaped like a finger, I imagine Massachusetts beckoning me to come close in order to discover her hidden secrets.

family visit to Cape Cod


Ever drawn to the outer extremities of land, we drive past Provincetown to the tip of Cape Cod. Here, rugged dunes are held back from the sea, restrained by the grip of wild grasses. Continue reading “our first visit to New England | Cape Cod, MA”

culture capsule | New York City

Culture capsule New York CityVisiting New York City with four kids was the direct antithesis to our comfort zone. To be honest, we recoiled inwardly in anticipation of visiting.



Public transportation.


Choose any of the above factors and we could give you a few solid reasons why we should skip this city altogether and simply move on to Massachusetts.

However, paradoxically, the very things that repel us also hold a transfixing allure. Why not dip our toes in the foreign waters and immerse ourselves in the unknown? Why not give our kids the chance to see what life looks like in our nation’s largest city? And so we proceed with excited trepidation into the unknown. Continue reading “culture capsule | New York City”

sweet discoveries | Hershey, PA

As we’ve made our way up the east coast, we marvel at how much we’ve erroneously assumed. First of all, there is a lot of farmland. We were not expecting that. We kind of thought there would be too many people to dedicate land for agriculture. Crosswalks? Yes. Crops? no. That was mistake number one.

Hershey, PA

Secondly, people have been really nice. We thought they’d be too busy to be nice. Our bad. Now we’ve migrated over to New Jersey. Our assumptions (based entirely on firm, reliable hearsay) of Jersey folk had us nervously bracing for loud, obnoxious encounters. What we have seen through our short window of observation has been a mixed bag of dry humored jesting, goodnatured kindness and outright obnoxiousness. It’s hard to weigh in on the character quality of an entire state based on a handful of interactions, but I have a feeling that if I stayed here long enough I could find a genuine friend in the garden state. Continue reading “sweet discoveries | Hershey, PA”

The day death came to call

Pretending to be a tooth fairy, losing sleep on feverish nights, reciting nursery rhymes; these come with the mommy package.

I expected them. I embraced them.

Choosing an urn small enough to fit within my fist, drifting away in a haze of grief, reciting Philippians 4:6 through labor like a mantra knowing that the child opening my eyes to a new world of painful reality would never open his eyes to meet mine; this also came with my mommy package.

This I did not expect. I embraced it like I might embrace a crown of thorns.

Saying hello and good-bye to our son Sawyer

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