peak population

My youngest learning to ride a pedal bike

This weekend our KOA campground hosts its annual bluegrass festival. This event will bring the place to peak population and unofficially kicks off the camping season. The previously peaceful park will begin to ebb and flow with the flux of campers coming in on Friday and slipping out on Sunday.

This is an interesting culture to live in and observe. It’s like residing in a college town where the population wax and wanes with the school year, only on a micro-weekly level.  During the week, the kids can roam and play among the open campsites hitting their stick-swords against the tree trunks and riding their bikes with abandon among the open lanes. When the weekend rolls around and the camp swells to capacity, the environment shifts and our country life becomes a micro-city.  The best part is that both are uniquely fun and we enjoy the changing landscape that surrounds us.

Several years ago I owned an online retail website offering unique mom-invented products. One of the things I loved about that business was the ability to meet the needs of moms during a very happy time in their lives. Living in a campground offers a similar benefit. People don’t often go camping out of necessity or coercion. Generally, campers are excited and happy, while also being laid-back and willing to go with the flow. Who wouldn’t love to have neighbors like that? And if they don’t turn out to be all that great, guess what? They will probably slip out Sunday!

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