poor etiquette

Clearly I have no blogger etiquette. The last time I wrote an update, we were in the middle of a fire evacuation. In the last two months of silence, you have been left to assume that I’m either dead or have run out of things to say. Thankfully, neither is true. The fires have moved from our area and the air is as clean and crisp as fall apple should be. Despite the nearby hills of charred land, the RV park where we are living has rows of healthy mature Cottonwood trees that have given up the chlorophyll craze and are surrendering to themselves to bright hues of yellow. They release their leaves in a carefully choreographed pattern that mimics gently falling snow and because I am not responsible for leaf maintenance, I simply breathe in the active beauty that surrounds me.

Shortly after the fires we began our homeschool routine and I promptly forgot how to work writing into my schedule. This week I worked out a plan to recover the lost art of typed word usage: quiet hour. After lunch, my kids retreat to their rooms for an hour of quiet activities leaving me to peacefully decompress from the morning mayhem. In theory, it’s a beautiful system. You will know it’s working if you start hearing from me with some regularity rather than simply when I am in the middle of a crisis with nothing better to do but record my thoughts online.

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