roadside reflections

We are working our way to toward the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I have an appointment with the Wright Brothers and the Lost Colony of Roanoke waiting for me.

This morning my GPS spoke assurances that we would arrive in 3 hours and 26 minutes. However, it failed to anticipate the RV tire blowout that would occur one hour into our trip.

For now we sit parked on the side of the Interstate sandwiched between opposing sounds of speeding traffic to my left and chorusing tree frogs to my right. The cacophony of contrasting sounds makes me smile as I reflect on the diversity of lifestyles living side by side.

A lifestyle of busyness has its appeal and going and doing has inherent rewards. Yet, there is also special beauty to be found in the sitting still. Today we are getting an unexpected taste of both.

Whichever side of the guardrail you find yourself on today, do it with intention. If you are going, go confidently and be open to what God will show you along the way. If you are in a season of staying, let your song be heard above the busy roar so those who slow down can reflect on the beauty that you enjoy everyday.

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