sitting in quiet surrender | somewhere in Ontario

Just West of Lake Ontario, our hazard lights blink-blink-blink as the freeway traffic rushes past us, sending the vehicles into small sideways rocking motions. The truck, whose engine has been whispering notions of discontent for the past few hundred miles, has acted like a toddler and erupted into a full-blown tantrum. We are perched like birds on the shoulder of the road.


After an hour, CAA (Canadian’s version of AAA) arrives to tow our truck to a nearby Chevy dealer. It is left in front of the service department to be discovered on Monday when they reopen. Thankful for our second vehicle, we use our van to refuel at Tim Hortons, grabbing a coffee and Nutella filled croissant before we reenter the freeway and loop around to park once again behind our now-stranded RV.


Eight hours have come and gone since we first pulled to the side of the road. The sky has changed from blue to black and back again three times. Each rotation delivers a downpour of moisture from within its bowels.

Sipping on coffee and passing around the doughnut, we joke at our situation. We have been offered two gifts cloaked in unusual packaging. One: a chance to sit and do nothing. Two: the opportunity to kowtow* in submission to God’s provision. Both gifts are hard to obtain in our culture of progress and self-sufficiency.

While we wait for help to arrive and tow our RV to a nearby campground, we are reminded that sitting in quiet surrender often allows lessons to be learned that cannot be heard above the noise of progress. May God’s still small voice speak to us above the din and may you hear his whisper wherever your heart is parked today as well.

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

New vocabulary:

kowtow-act in an excessively subservient manner: the opportunity to kowtow in submission to God’s provision.

13 thoughts on “sitting in quiet surrender | somewhere in Ontario”

  1. Prayers for you guys!!! We too are learning to stop and listen more often! We are praising Him through our recent struggles as well. We had to have our awning cut off entirely last weekend and deal with that along with the other fund “things” that have happened in FL.

    1. Oh no! Cut off?! I am sorry! Our awning stopped working a few weeks ago. I missed it a lot at first and I hope we can get it fixed in the somewhat near future but I’ve kind of gotten used to not having it for now. Thankfully however we have not had a lot of hot days as I am sure that would change my perspective.

  2. Heather, I so enjoy your posts; you’re a gifted writer! Hope your RV is repaired quickly & inexpensively! If you get a chance, go to Stratford in Ontario…the plays can’t be beat and the town itself is beautiful. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the tip and suggestion and also for your kind encouraging words about my writing :). Today was a research day for us. We are figuring out what is wrong with the engine and what our options are. Right now it is looking like the engine is shot…lots to decide on if that is the case! 🙂

  3. Way to find, or hear, the beauty in your circumstances, whatever they may be. Clarification question: was it a nutella filled croissant or doughnut? Because those are very different experiences. 😉

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