something strange, something new, something big, something blue

Back in January, we attended a Fulltime Families Retreat in Southern California. One evening, we invited the Sloan family over to get to know them better. Part of our conversation included upcoming summer destinations. They planned to visit the East Coast and our plans included Alaska.


The next morning the Sloan’s informed us that their summer plans had changed during the night—they now planned to go to Alaska with us! Surprisingly, this isn’t that unusual in our lifestyle. You meet people. You like them. You travel with them. But it is funny to take myself out of the fulltime travel mindset and try to picture a scenario like this happening. You invite someone new to the area over for lunch after church. You talk about your upcoming plans for a family vacation to Florida. The following Sunday they announce surprise: they’ve booked the same flight and plan to tag along! I can’t imagine that ever happening, yet it does when you live your life on the road and get the freedom to choose your neighbors and travel companions.

Photo: Our Alaska travel buddies

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be traveling to Alaska with the Sloans. Besides the fact that we all get along great, Jeff has been to Alaska on several occasions. He has a wealth of knowledge and handy skills in case we run into any trouble with our RV.

One thing we didn’t anticipate was the kind of attention our friends would get as we caravan through Canada. While their tow vehicle is large, the amount of people who pull out their phones to take photos and videos has been comical. Yesterday, while we were pulling out of a rest stop, a man literally walked right in front of us (thankfully Trent was fast on the breaks) to take a video as our friends pulled out onto the road. Today, while stopping for lunch at a vista pullout, at least ten people took turns playing paparazzi. One guy even posed by our truck while his friend photographed our two rigs!

Photo: The famous truck

Help us understand: would you stop and photograph this? Our best guess is that most of the people taking photos are foreigners who have simply never seen a tow vehicle that is this large. Regardless of their reason, its fun to observe and we are not missing the opportunity to tease our friends about how famous they are!


I recently went grocery shopping to prep for several upcoming nights of boondocking. I had four “one pot” Trim Healthy Mama meals that I planned to double and freeze in gallon size bags. Cruising through the aisles, list in hand, I looked for 14 oz of this and 24 oz of that. I quickly realized I was going to need to convert my recipes into the metric system. No problem except that I was out of data for the day and internet usage was nil. Determined that this situation must not be allowed to stymie* my progress, I engaged my carefully honed estimations skills and decided to wing it! Thankfully, each recipe has been super yummy so it all worked out.


I’ve never seen a yam (or sweet potato depending on who you ask) this big in a grocery store. Have you?


I couldn’t resist the chance to share at least one more photo of the amazingly beautiful blue water (bonus: I have some cute ladies posing in it!)

Do you know what makes it this color (ahem, I mean colour)? Glacier runoff water varies in color throughout the year. When there is a lot of glacier meltwater, the color is milky white due to a large amount of fine silt from the grinding down of the mountainside. If the rock flour is suspended due to lots of churning, the particles reflect different wavelengths coloring the water gray or white. However, when the weather is colder and the glaciers remain frozen, runoff is mostly due to rain and snowmelt. At this time only the smallest amount of particles remain in the water. These microscopic bits of rock reflect the green and blue parts of the light spectrum producing an icy blue.

stymie |ˈstīmē|

verb (stymies, stymieing, stymied) [ with obj. ] informal

prevent or hinder the progress of: Determined that this situation must not be allowed to stymie my progress, I engaged my carefully honed estimations skills and decided to wing it!

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