RV upgrade: adding a Splendide 2100 washer/dryer

From Trent:

We’ve come a long way baby…From days of muddy city streets filled with animal feces and chamber pots thrown out of 2nd story windows, to our modern-day concrete jungles complete with hand sanitizer stands at every big box entrance.  These little bottles of gel stand like sentry guards challenging you to enter without a hand baptism (or full submersion if you prefer).  If you manage to sneak past these guardians, your evil shopping cart handle will probably infect you before you can reach for your virus infected paper money to pay for those chemically sprayed vegetables. Soon, we will all have to enter our own personal protection bubbles to shield us from anything harmful before we venture outdoors. But I digress…

Staying out of the dark ages

Washer and dryer machines keep us clean and out of the dark ages. These wonderful machines give us back so much time that was lost to washboards and squeegee rollers.  The Ledeboer’s declared that we needed these modern marvels inside our tiny home on wheels.

Splendide washer/drayer install in three easy steps

How does one go about installing two large machines in a tiny home with a skinny hall you may ask?

First, find a good friend with a strong back.

Splendide 2100 install

Second, combine the washer and dryer into one machine.  (I didn’t know this was possible until just a few months ago.)

Third, cut a hole in the side of your RV for the dryer vent, first making sure it is in exactly the right location.
-“Umm, not check”.

I accidentally cut the hole for our dryer vent in the wrong place. Thankfully, the remedy was fairly simple. This is the text conversation that I had with Heather when she came back to the RV while I was at the hardware store looking for a solution:

splendide install

Thankfully I did return from the hardware store with a work-around. Watch the full video for details on how we overcame this Splendide install dilemma.

A note from Heather:

We went back and forth about getting a washer/dryer combo unit in our RV. There were pros and cons to each option which included:

-Cost: A few hundred dollars up front vs. paying per load at a laundry mat.
-Time: About 10 minutes a day vs. an hour+ each week at a laundry mat.
-Effort: Locating a used model and learning how to install it vs. finding a laundry mat in each new location we travel to.

We tried to weigh these various factors: how much it would cost to purchase, how often we would use it, and the weight that it would add to our RV.

In the end we felt that the pros would outweigh the cons. We found a used Splendide 2100 model on craigslist for $600 and as Trent outlined above, learned some valuable lessons in the process. Now that we’ve had our Splendide washer/dryer for several months, I can confidently say that I am glad we decided to purchase one.

New laundry routines

As you may expect, the drum size of our Splendide is significantly smaller than our previous stackable front loading machine. This necessitates more frequent washings in order to stay on top of our laundry. I’ve established a daily routine, putting in one load each morning. I’m no longer as picky as I used to be about separating out our lights and darks because it is easier to run one load a day by simply throwing everything in together. By the end of the day I find time to pull out the dry clothes and because the load is small, it’s quick and easy to put everything away. Prior to RVing I had no idea that there were combo washer/dryer units. I do enjoy that once I start the load I don’t have to do anything else until I’m ready to pull it out and put it away due to the fact that it automatically begins the drying mode once the wash cycle is completed.

I can see that it might be nice to have some quiet time in a laundry mat as I catch up on our laundry once a week. However, there have been many weeks in which I have been thankful that we didn’t need to work that into our routine. In addition, our youngest still struggles to have consistently dry nights. Each time I need to wash his bedding, I appreciate that I don’t have to go any further than my bedroom closet.

Although our kids loved the novelty of washing their own clothing at the Laura Ingalls Wilder homestead, I am not ready to adopt this into our regular routine and I’m thankful for the advances we have made since the days of emptying chamber pots into the streets!

splendide (early model)

How about you? Did you know there were combo units like this? If you have an RV, do you have a washer/dryer? Why or why not?

14 thoughts on “RV upgrade: adding a Splendide 2100 washer/dryer”

  1. Trent, I miss you buddy. Was great to see you and hear your voice. You are a natural on camera! I just started following your family’s adventure on Facebook. Take care and God bless.

    1. Miss you too bud! Hoping to visit you in S. Africa someday. You should post some vids showing what you’re up to over there!

  2. I did! My parents had one in their “tiny home” and now in the motor home. And like you, I do like that you put clothes in to wash and they come out dry!

  3. We just found a slightly used 2100xc on Craigslist and have it patiently waiting until we finish our bus remodel. So glad we found it! We are going to have to use your vent hack because we are going to use a hole that was already in the bus but it doesn’t line up exactly. Thanks for the video inspiration!

    1. Glad to hear my brain lapse led to something positive for you guys. “Bus remodel”, that sounds fun! All the best in your latest adventure.

  4. Did you happen to record the full install? I’m getting ready to put in a Splendide 2100.

    Our 5th wheel is (prepped) not fully plumbed with hot and cold water valves.

    No one seems to be showing a full install start to finish.

    1. Layne,
      Sorry I didn’t find much in these installs. Ours was already prepped with hot/cold water and drain. So most of the install involved getting the unit in the RV and cutting an exhaust hole. Best of luck to you!

  5. Is there a secret to using the dryer? All I get is big bad wrinkles. I did not overload and dried on low heat. T-shirt’s and shorts had to be rewarded. I am in a warm area and can dry outside, but that is not always the case.

    Thank you

    1. This is Steve I have been splendides service tech for 19 years the #1 leading cause of wrinkles is using too much soap and or softner #2 is actually over drying correction this is by using 1 to 2 tablespoons (max 2) of soap and diluting your softner 1/2 and 1/2 with water also adding a tennis ball won’t hurt and will keep the clothing worked loose don’t recommend the plastic one from store as the age they can often become quite hard

  6. Hi! I love that you are totally owning the goof of where the hole ended up! That’s so like me to forget to reverse the set up! I’m remodeling my Brookstone to accommodate dog crates and wondered how you took the closet shelf out without (hopefully) causing damage to the wall? Looking forward to the adventure.
    PS I love the vinyl over the master bed 😍

  7. I just repaired my Splendide 2000s drain pump thanks to the tech support dept. I also added a damper to keep the bugs from coming in. Unit works great!

  8. Have a splendide 2000 as 802 m
    20 yrs old, been a great machine. Drain pump broke after 20 yrs. Wish they still made parts for it. Hate to get a new one just for that.

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