the danger of a dream

Your dream can become a distraction,” Steven Furtick said in his podcast entitled “The Danger of a Dream.” “Don’t follow your dreams, ’cause what if your dreams were just the first draft? Are you open to a revision?” Steven acutely articulates the atmosphere of my heart. In the last two months, God has been leading me through a time of honest reflection, surrendering of my goals, and embracing His plan.

As I recently shared, this plan has unfolded to reveal an opportunity to attend a fitness instructor training retreat through Revelation Wellness. This retreat begins tomorrow, Sunday, April 28th and concludes on May 3rd. Many of you have reached out to me with encouraging emails through this process and I want to sincerely thank you for your encouragement and support. I’d love to invite you to participate with me in this next step in three specific ways.


First, I’d love for you to pray for all of us attending the retreat. The image below highlights Monday’s prayer requests. If you click here you can view a prayer calendar targeting specific areas to pray over for each of the 5-days of our retreat.

Saying “yes” to something like this requires a bold act of faith. Voices of doubt and fear from the Enemy are sure to come against any good thing that God is desiring to do. I want to be a part of the brave men and women who rise up in bold opposition and embrace our place in God’s grand plan.


Second, consider joining us (virtually) at the retreat through Facebook and Instagram beginning April 28 to participate in some of the best parts of retreat!

Join us LIVE on Facebook during the following sessions (PST):

Monday April 29
7:30am – Morning workout with Alisa
10am – Bible study with Alisa

Tuesday April 30
7:10am — Morning workout with Ron & Kara
11:45pm — Circuit Training with Tammy
4:30pm — Rev Seniors with Fran & Amia

Wednesday May 1
7am – Morning workout with Courtney & Katrina
12:30pm — RevWell TV Behind-the-Scenes

Thursday May 2
7:20am – Morning workout with Sara & Tammy
2:15pm – Bible Study with Wes
5:45pm — Meet our Ambassadors

If you can’t join us live, you can watch the replays on the Revelation Wellness Facebook page.

Throughout the week more fun, interactive, behind-the-scenes LIVE videos will be shared on Facebook & Instagram. Come on over! Ask questions! Cheer on Platoon 22! Or just stop by to say hello!


Third, Revelation Wellness trains people just like you to share the love of Jesus through fitness and wellness! They have trained over 1,600 instructors and know without a doubt that this is true: It doesn’t matter what our level of fitness is, the size of our pants, or the age of our body–when we encounter Jesus and His Truth in our pursuit for health and wholeness, our bodies can’t help but fall in line with our hearts.


Do you believe God is calling you to rise up and live for something greater than and beyond yourself? Get a glimpse into what God will do for you and through you as you follow along!

Watch this video below to learn more about what Revelation Wellness Instructor Training is all about and then click here to dig deeper and learn more.

If the fitness instructor training isn’t right for you right now, you are invited to consider attending Rest & Rebuild, the very first retreat experience through Revelation Wellness that’s open to everyone! You’ll experience the powerful transformation that happens during the instructor training retreat without the fitness and leadership training requirements.

If you plan to pray or follow along by checking in on Facebook or Instagram, I’d love for you to let me know!

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