the stirring

“I’m looking for someone with whom to share an adventure” ~Gandalf from The Hobbit
It was one year ago yesterday.  I didn’t have a blog but I had thoughts, big thoughts and I needed to put them down in order to understand them better and reflect on them later.  Looking back, I see the start of an adventure forming, come. . .

Sunday July 21, 2013:

A nervous unsettling is enveloping me.  Reminiscent of the background music that slowly builds matching the approaching crescendo of tension in a thriller movie, I’m on the edge of my seat tapping my toe to non-existent music.

The events of the past month have all borne the consistent theme: let go, reduce, release.  My online business of ten years: sold.  Our black SUV with dark tinted windows that once made a man nervously approach me at the library and question if I was a government official and if I was perhaps following him: sold.  Our extra truck that has been listed on Craig’s List forever: sold.  Our trailer for hauling firewood out of the forest: sold.  As we wait for someone to come look at our camping trailer (someone who heard from a friend that we might be looking to sell it) I am wondering if I should expect anything but the same to end this day.  Moreover, as we empty things out of our life, I am left wondering what great adventure is hiding out behind the veil of God’s grand plan.

Sisters like Katie Davis, and Jennie Allen, and Jen Hatmaker have been messing with me and rearranging my priorities (which I was previously certain where already categorized quite nicely thank you very much) through their thoughtfully shared words and faith infused examples.  I’m left feeling parched, thirsty for more of God’s directional grace and pleading for his wise leading.  Attempting to be genuinely open to anything, while guarding against falling into everything, I’m left on the precipice of faith staring into an unknown future with butterflies dancing in my belly.

This story has continued to unfold for us over the last twelve months and is still developing now.  I am excited to take you along for the ride.  You can expect a few posts a week from me until we are caught up to the present and then I plan to write as often as God presses my heart to the keyboard.

What about you? Any dancing butterflies or nervous hearts? 

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