top 6 RV bathroom tips

Sharing one bathroom between the six of us was an uncharted territory for our family before moving into our RV full-time. I wasn’t sure if it would simply require habit transitions or if it would truly be inconvenient. Although we have had some close calls, we are all surviving just fine!

Now that we have been in the RV for about two months, I’ll share the top the 6 tips and tricks that have worked well for us:

-We announce to the family, “I’m going to be in the bathroom for a while, does anyone need to use it quickly?”
-We utilize the vent and fan to keep the air circulating.
-We adopted the criss-cross toilet paper technique to help it stay cleaner (see video below for details).
-We use a squirt water bottle to help flush where the toilet flush can’t easily reach (see video for a demo).
-Because the shower doors are glass, we added an additional shower curtain for privacy should someone need to use the restroom while someone else is showering.
-I do my hair and makeup in the master bedroom in order to keep the bathroom more accessible for others.

Not sure what the “criss-cross toilet paper technique” is? I demonstrate it in this short 2 minute video.

If you have any additional tips or tricks to share with me, please leave a comment below!

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