toward Alaska | Banff National Park

I thought I knew what beauty was. We are just days into our trip to Alaska and already I’ve had to rewrite that page in my mind.

Photo: Dry Gulch Campground just South of Banff


Banff is dripping with the dignity of royalty, wrapped in her glacial blanket of majestic wonder and completely confident. With each turn of the road, we are surprised by her splendor and sure that we have now seen the best she has to offer. Yet, each outing outdoes the one before and the auspicious* adventure continues in an unabashed fashion.

Water filled with glacial runoff permits lake colors too vibrant to accurately describe.

Photo: Lake Louise, Alberta
Photo: Moraine Lake, Alberta

Placid pools reflect snow-cloaked mountaintops.

Photo: Bow Lake, Alberta

Wildlife roams freely through campground, street, and town leaving signs of their presence in their wake.

Photo: Elk outside our RV window
Photo: Bear Scat

Mountain peaks tower in the background surrounding you in a firm, Canadian Rocky hug.

“It’s not fair,” we say. “To the rest of the world,” we say.


We are drunk on this wild nature I’m afraid. It’s addicting and we want more! Onward and upward we climb. Next up: the Icefields Parkway, Jasper National Park, and the Alaska Hwy!

auspicious |ôˈspiSHəs|

adjective: conducive to success; favorable: Yet, each outing outdoes the one before and the auspicious adventure continues in an unabashed fashion.

Travel Notes:

-Canada’s National Park system has an Xploer program for kids that is comparable to the Jr. Ranger (link) program in the US. Our kids enjoyed earning Xplorer “dog tags” for Banff and plan to also fill out the booklets for the Icefields Parkway and Jasper.

-Some of the smaller parks have self-attending pay stations. We found it useful to have Canadian cash on hand for these.

-If you spend time in the city of Banff, we recommending getting an ice cream cone from COWS Creamery. This creamery originates in Prince Edward Island and while we were there last year we tried it for the first time. We can say it’s earned its spot as the best ice cream we’ve had.


Pictures can only show so much. Trent did an amazing job of capturing the beauty of Banff on video.

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  1. I love this! I’ll be following closely along your travels because we may follow in your footsteps next year.

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