We have so much to learn

“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know” Aristotle

I am impressed by Aristotle’s insight. Over 2,000 years later his words ring true.

With every passing mile my mind has been stretched, my heart twisted and my curiosity piqued. I recently mentioned my propensity for learning. The little black notebook that I started using in New Salem is quickly filling with notes, dates and names. Yet, I am continually humbled by how little I know.

Thus brought forth the idea for a regular blog post in which I share some of my most recently acquired tidbits of knowledge. Think of it as my weekly narration (hello all you fellow Charlotte Mason educators).

Here’s how it will work: I will share the books or facts that I’ve found to be freshly fascinating. In turn, if you’ve recently read or learned anything interesting, you leave your new knowledge in the comments. Fun right? It’s sort of like an information omelet—we just throw in whatever we find in the mental fridge.

Fascinating facts

Sea Turtles

  • There are only 7 species in the world, 7!
  • 4 of them are located in the Florida Gulf Islands.
  • Green Sea turtles can remain submerged for up to 5 hours slowing their heart beat down to 1 beat every 9 minutes.
  • One of the largest sea turtles on record was a 2,100 pound Leatherback. It died when it choked on a plastic bag mistaking it for a jellyfish. Some leatherbacks have been found with up to 11 pounds of plastic in their stomachs.
  • The temperature during incubation determines the gender of the sea turtle. Eggs 85 degrees or warmer are female and 85 degrees or colder are male. The pivotal temperature of 85 degrees produces an equal number of male and females.



  • A battle star for a Navy ship is earned every time a ship participated in a battle.
  • The Air Force is not the only military branch with airplanes. The Navy also has airplanes all their own.
  • 10% of Blue Angel pilots have died since it’s formation in 1946.

same kind of different as me

Books I’ve finished this month
(Links below are affiliate links to where you can find these books on Amazon.)

Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall
Based on a true story: A homeless black man and a rich white man find their lives intertwining in an unexpected way. This book was excellent. I’d been meaning to read it for quite some time. The story ended up being a very different book than I expected and I will warn you that I cried through the last several chapters. However, it messed me up in the very best of ways and I found it to be deeply challenging, particularly in the area of helping the homeless. I’d recommend it highly.

“The truth about it is, whether we is rich or poor or somethin in between, this earth ain’t no final restin place. So in a way, we is all homeless–just working our way toward home.” Denver Moore, Same Kind of Different as Me

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin
This one had been waiting for over 6 months in my Audible queue. However, once I started, I finished it quickly. This work of fiction involves A.J., a widowed island bookstore owner. Not only does A.J. live on an island, in his grief, he’s created a bit of an island out of his life as well. A few unexpected events force A.J. to face himself in a whole new way. A.J’s character is prickly and opinionated but in an endearing way and it was fulfilling to watch him unfold as the story progressed. The narrator for my audible version of this story had a great reading voice which is always a plus.

I enjoyed this one. It is about books and revolves centrally around a few book nerds. It tips hats at many books titles and it’s fun to hear ones mentioned that I’m familiar with. A central theme is the way books can impact us. It also touches on how some books are only right for us at certain times in our life. Note: There is some language as well as sex outside of marriage (it is not a focal point or graphically portrayed).

“We are not quite novels. We are not quite short stories. In the end we are collected works.” A.J. Filkry, The Storied Life of A.J. Filkry

Your turn! I’d love to hear some of the details you’ve latched onto this week or be told about a book you’ve recently finished.

2 thoughts on “We have so much to learn”

  1. Hello Road Family!
    I have been wishing I could have responded to so many of your postings, but my computer would not allow it… but here perhaps I can. I have been following you and praying for you and enjoying it all very much. 🙂
    I had the privilege of working with the sea turtles when I lived in Hawaii on the Big Island. I (ans others) worked with George Balats. We would meet at Black Sand Beach in Punalu’u and set up stations for weighing and measuring Green sea turtles that feed in the bay there. Groups would go out, capture and haul in (on inner tubes) the stately monoliths, and we on shore would do the measuring and recording. There was always alot of cheering as we put them back.
    The other thing I did for one entire week was to monitor the hatching of baby Hawksbill Turtles on the remote beaches (can’t say where as they don’t like the info released). You spend the week out there camping (very hot and no trees) and are up at night monitoring the known nest sights and when the hatch-lings emerge, counting them. A few times we had to uncover the “end” of the nest and count ones who hadn’t made it. The down side to the stay was the job of taking a pistol for a walk to kill any mongoose you could find. I wasn’t licensed for gun use, so I didn’t do this part. They are a voracious and detrimental implant in the Hawaiian island chain and they eat and kill baby turtles ( and native birds)- even digging up the turtles’ nests.

    1. Hi Pearl!
      Wow, that is so very interesting! I love that you have all this amazing experience in Hawaii. We can totally picture the kind of black sand beach you are talking about as we visited black sand beaches on the Big Island last year around this time. Your adventures camping out for a week do sound challenging! What a great story you have to tell now. While we were on the Big Island we had a chance to see some Green Sea Turtles in person and it was an amazing experience! Our appreciation for them grew in a big way after that. Ashlyn talks about you often as she draws. She would like to email you a few photos of some of her favorite drawings. We will try to do that soon. Thanks for checking in, it is great to hear from you :).

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