wednesday night

The air is cool and crisp as I sit cross-legged in my plush camp chair. I’m snuggled under the fleece blanket my mother-in-law gifted me for Christmas last year. Above me the sky has tucked the sun into its western bed and the stars are roaming free. Around me sit a circle of friends and family. We’ve each parked our chairs in close proximity to the fire pit but random popping embers occasionally cause us to question our warmth vs. safety priorities.

By the way, it’s Wednesday evening. That lonely, middle-of-the-week night which, in former times of my life, marked things like bible study, soccer practice or the night we used to curl up on the couch and watch the next episode of Lost. It was not, however, social night. Getting together mid-week with multiple families for the pure purpose of hanging out was typically impractical, if not impossible.

Yet here we sit for the third week in a row, swapping stories in the dark while flames dance and kids play. It’s a gift. With time as our currency, we are rich and I don’t mourn soccer or Lost.

As for bible study? We’ve moved it to Wednesday morning.

How about you? What does a typical Wednesday evening look like? 

6 thoughts on “wednesday night”

  1. I love it. We set out 1 month ago as full timers. We have a ministry called Fireside Ministries. We want to accomplish similar to you. Make followers of Jesus by simply showing Jesus love at our Fireside as often as we can. A true Acts 2:42 church.

  2. My wife and I go to Wednesday evening bible study. Good way to fellowship, study God’s word and recharge your battery.

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